Thursday, January 11, 2007

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Yayasan Kesehatan Payudara Indonesia

Kanker Payudara adalah pembunuh no 2 di Indonesia setelah Kanker Rahim. (Menurut apa yang saya dengar kemarin di Radio Delta FM).

Risk kanker payudara semakin meningkat dewasa ini dikarenakan kondisi lingkungan hidup dan gaya hidup sekarang. Polusi udara semakin parah, bahan2 pengawet makanan, dan juga polusi yang masuk kedalam makanan.

Parahnya penyakit kanker payudara di stadium dini tidak menimbulkan sakit, sehingga wanita (dan juga pria) yang terjangkit tidak menyadarinya. Diteksi dini hendaknya dilakukan secara rutin oleh para wanita, bisa dimulai dengan self-check secara rutin.

Yayasan Kesehatan Payudara Indonesia adalah salah satu pusat informasi (hotline) yang berhubungan dengan Kanker Payudara.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Adam Air crashed..... (RIP for all who died...)

It is sad to start a new year with this accident. A plane from Jakarta to Manado, via Surabaya was lost. Up until this very moment (03 January 2007, 13:22), the whereabout of the plane (or the wreckage) is still unknown.

Yesterday, Indonesian government received and announced some false information about the plane being found and there are 12 survivors. Later last night, they reissued some statement announcing that the plane has not been found.

Updated news can be found in Google News

Searching more on the web, I found out that the plane crash is an accident waiting to happen.

Some interesting 'facts' I found :
- Lame maintenance/service records of Adam Air's plane. It had been mentioned 4 months ago in link

- The owner, Adam Suherman, is only 22 years old. Drop out of foreign university, came back home, and his dad give him money to start this airline business. 22 years old, school drop out, and rich brat. Would you trust you life by flying with his company?

- Adam Air was founded in 2002 by Agung Laksono and Sandra Ang. Agung is the Indonesian House of Representative Leader.
With his as the political backing, no wonder in the last incident (a plane went lost in sky, but luckily landed safely in a small airport), there's little, if not none, investigation going to probe the safety of this airline.


A discussion @ a local forum, : link