Monday, December 11, 2006

In Memoriam : James Kim

I don't know James personally. Knew him only from the TechTV plus a few gadget reviews @ cnet.

Last November, after ThanksGiving, he along with his wife and 2 daughters got lost in the Oregon wilderness. After the 14 days ordeals, his wife and the daughters were saved, but unfortunately James didn't make it. He left to find some resque a couple of days before the resque team found the wife and daughter. He died of hypothermia.

I spent a couple of years in Oregon. The scenic is just beautiful. It is so sad that it can also kills.

Click here for the story @ SFGate.

This is a detail map of their journey. If he can survive another 2 miles down the creek, he would have found a lodge where they can shelter for sometime.

Here's a link to GoogleEarth based projection.

Friday, November 17, 2006

quick tip : how to send WOL magic package

From Linux :

From OSX :

From PC :

What needed :
- Netmask

Monday, October 30, 2006

quick note : SCP command line

SCP (Secure Copy)

syntax : scp -P [port number] [local/source file] [username]@[]:[remote path]

default port will be tcp 22

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Free Stock Photo

My sis in-law is opening a noodle shop. So, it'll become my 'duty' to design a menu for her. The problem is that she doesn't have a decent picture of a bowl of noodle, so I have to quest for a decent picture of a bowl of noodle.

First stop,, a local photographer community portal. I signed up, and search for 'noodle'. Found a couple. But, in order to view them in viewable size (not thumbnail), the portal need to verify my true identity by requesting me to scan my ID and email the scanned ID to them.
(This is not secure practice, although in this case, I trust **NEVER SCAN AND EMAIL YOUR ID CARD TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW PERSONALLY**)
Anyway, I don't have time to scan my ID, and wait for them to verify me.

So I give uncle Google a call. Most of the results are Royalty-Free Stock Photo, which is not really free, but you have to paid for the picture and then you can use the picture freely.

One result came out, It's a community portal that exchanges 'stock photo'. Free. :) It does need a registration before you can 'download any picture.

I found the noodlelicious noodle picture. :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Online Favicon Generator

To quickly create a favicon for a web site, you can visit this site

Visit the site to generate a favicon.ico from image that you have, preferably an 16x16 or 32x32 pixel images.

Put the favicon.ico @ your site.

Put the following text into your html code inside head section

link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Creating mini zine from 1 sheet of paper

From link

How to create a mini-zine from one piece of paper.

Link to the original flicker set : link

Thursday, September 14, 2006

RAID information

This site provide a good illustrated information about RAID system

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hi Roy! :)

Sudah lama tidak mendengar kabar dari pakar multimedia ternama di Indonesia, KRMT Roy Suryo. Hi Roy!

Lagi sepi orderan yah?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Playboy Indonesia, Second Edition : Magazine with no ads.

After vacumm for 1 month, Playboy Indonesia (PI) rolled out the second edition of its magazine in Indonesia in June 2006.

The first edition which came out in April 2006, drawed much protest, mainly from the close minded self-claimed religious extreme groups. As the result of the protests :
- The office building where Playboy Indonesia resided, got ransacked by Front Pembela Islam (Islam Defender Front).
- After the raid, PI moved to another office, still in Jakarta. Due to an uncondusive safety (Jakarta Police Department, shame on you....), PI suddenly just dissapeared. Aparently the staff worked from home, while the main office relocated to Bali.

Playboy Indonesia, accused of being pornographic, actually contained no nude picture whatsoever. I was thinking of joining the next FPI demonstration to PI office. Hey, maybe those dudes from FPI were angry because they felt decieved when they expected fully nude babes only to find out babes in sexy cloths. They maybe wanted to demand their money back!! :)

Playboy Indonesia might be one of its kind. Maybe the first Playboy that contain no nudity. Maybe the first Playboy that published in the world most moslem populated country in the world. One thing for sure, there are 10+ man entertainment magazines in Jakarta prior Playboy Indonesia (plus dozens of yellow news papers), and they are more 'vulgar', yet only Playboy drew a lot of protest because and only because its name, PLAYBOY.

The second edition of Playboy Indonesia came out last week. In one talk show, the chief editor told the audience that they had asked the distribution agents to closely monitor the distribution. Playboy is suppose to be sold only instore, and never meant to be sold in the traffic light. (a few days ago, I saw the newspaper boy was offering PI @ traffic light.)

Content are still the same. No nudity. :(
A good interview with Tibo (the might be wrongly accused death-sentenced terrorist). One or two playboy cartoons. Raw data. Playboy Advisor (which I think are fake, since the letters and answers seems like a stiff translation rather than a real letter written by a real Indonesian.

What's interesting with this edition, is that it might be the only commercial magazine that contain no advertising at all. (well, there's a mini 3cm by 3cm picture of a man perfume sponsoring a forum.). In space of the advertisings, Playboy has writen 'This place is dedicated to our client that was threatened when they advertise with us. This place is reserved for (a cigarette ads)".

So guys, run to your nearest magazine stalls, and buy this magazine, not because the sexy babes (if you're looking for that, get another magazine... they offer more skins for your Rupiah), but because of its uniqueness. It can be the reminder for all of us, that tolerance and so called democracy in Indonesia is still a one point of view system. When some ppl disagree with others point of view, they will resort to violance at the first step.

Friday, June 09, 2006

quickie : how to boot into single user mode in Linux

Last week, due to an error in our mail server, I was looking for a way to boot into single user mode. (I'm not an expert in Linux, so I have to google. :))

Yesterday, a friend of mine reminded me. I better write it down rather than google it again when I need it.


if boot_manager = GRUB then :
- type p if you passworded GRUB.
- Select the kernel you want to boot with, and type e.
- You will have a bunch of lines at your screen. Select the one with kernel and type e to edit the line.
- Go to the end of the line and type single
- Press enter, and type b to boot.


Spam, part deux

Beberapa setelah gempa Djogja, beredar spam/hoax via email dan sms yang mengatakan bahwa akan ada gempa susulan dalam beberapa hari yang akan lebih dahsyat dari gempa Jogja.

"Menurut CNN,disiarkan 3 hari yang lalu bahwa lempeng bumi di australia sedang bergerak ke utara menuju asia.diperkirakan bisa bertubrukan dengan lempeng bumi di selatan pulau jawa.Diperkirakan 11 hari setelah gempa jogja, atau rabu besok(7 juni) akan adagempa dahsyat dan memungkinkan terjadinya tsunami.Mohon doanya n plis forward ke temen-temen laen, jagan sampai putus di tangan kamu."

Saya pikir hoax semacam ini cuman akan berlalu, dan tidak akan ada yang secara serius menanggapinya. Tapi saya mungkin salah ketika ada media cetak yang mengutip hoax ini.

Priyadi memaparkannya lebih lanjut tentang hoax ini di blognya.

2 hal yang perlu dipoint out :
- sangat menyedihkan kalau dalam bencana Djogja, masih ada orang yang iseng menyebarkan hoax untuk kesenangan pribadi.
- sangat prihatin juga melihat keterbatasan sebagian masyarakat dalam menyaring informasi dan juga kemampuan dari information-mining. Jaman sekarang, so many information, so little truth.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Pedoman untuk menjadi seorang manusia

Ketemu satu blog dengan 'pedoman' yang cukup mengelitik di

Terjemahannya kira2 adalah sbb :

1. Anda akan menerima sebuah tubuh. Suka tidak suka, itu akan menjadi milik Anda untuk waktu saat ini.

2. Anda akan belajar. Anda akan masuk ke sekolah informal yang dinamakan kehidupan. Setiap hari di sekolah ini, Anda akan mempunyai kesempatan untuk belajar pelajaran. Anda mungkin akan menyukai pelajarannya, atau berpikir bahwa mereka adalah hal2 yang tidak berguna.

3. Tidak ada yang namanya kesalahan, yang ada hanya pelajaran. Bertumbuh adalah sebuah proses mencoba dan salah, experiment. Experimen yang 'gagal' adalah bagian dari proses, sama halnya dengan experimen yang 'berhasil'.

4. Sebuah pelajaran akan diulangi sampai dimengerti. Sebuah pelajaran akan disuguhkan kepada Anda dalam berbagai macam bentuk sampai Anda mengerti. Sewaktu Anda mengerti, Anda akan mendapatkan pelajaran lain.

5. Proses belajar tidak akan berakhir. Tidak ada bagian dari kehidupan yang tidak mengandung pelajaran. Jika Anda hidup, maka ada pelajaran-pelajaran untuk dipelajari.

6. "Di sana" tidak lebih baik dari "di sini". Ketika Anda "di sana", akan menjadi "di sini", dan Anda akan menemukan "di sana" lain yang akan kelihatannya lebih baik dari "di sini".

7. Orang lain hanyalah cerminan dari diri Anda. Anda tidak dapat mencintai atau membenci sesuatu tentang orang lain, kecuali jika sesuatu itu merefleksikan apa yang anda cintai atau yang anda benci tentang diri Anda sendiri.

8. Apa yang Anda akan perbuat dengan hidup Anda adalah terserah Anda. Anda memiliki semua alat dan perlengkapan yang cukup. Apa yang Anda akan perbuat dengannya adalah terserah Anda. Anda bebas memilih.

9. Jawaban-jawaban Anda ada di dalam diri Anda sendiri. Jawaban untuk pertanyaan-pertanyaan sekitar kehidupan ada di dalam diri Anda sendiri. Yang Anda butuhkan hanyalah membuka mata anda, membuka telinga Anda, dan sebuah kepercayaan.

10. Anda akan melupakan semua hal di atas.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Blast from the past

3 days ago I received a 'hi' email from a long lost good friend. "A Good friend". :)

It's true that time will heals all wounds. It was so painfull at the last good bye. Sorrow and betrayed.

6 years passed by.

She lives happily with her husband and a 4.5 yo son now.

Her sister was married and has a 1.5yo kid.

Her parents, good old folks, moved to SF. Good for them to less worried of their two daughters and enjoy the retirement.

She owns a furniture shop in Manila, and plans to open an asian cafe with her sis in SF.

I'm married to my wonderful wife and got two babies (1 and 2 yo).

Looking back, sometimes I wonder of how stupid of me trying to fight for a lost cause. But if I didn't I will never know, and my path would be different.

Time will heals all wounds... and it did. :)

Nice to see you again my friend. :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Quickie : How to change short name in OSX

I knew how to do it the hard way. But the easy way won't hurt too.

Thanks Dan and James.

Endangered Site in Nias, Indonesia

Bumped into this link.

It's a forgotten ancient site. If it was in Java or Bali island, maybe it would't got forgotten. It's a pity.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Activating Chinese Language feature in OS 9

A staff called me earlier to ask for the instruction to activate Chinese language in OS9. It has been ages since I did it. I googled and found this site which has quite a complete coverage on this topic.

Thanks Council on East Asian Studies @ Yale University

Monday, March 27, 2006

We are poor and corrupt, but we love holiday

It's official last week.

Government has finally declare another set of holidays. A few years ago, Indonesia shifted from a six working days to five working days. Among the reason was the efficiency and to give staff more time to rest.

Then, I think, 3 years ago, the government made a rule that if a holiday is close but not next to a Saturday or Sunday, it is to be shifted to the nearest Saturday or Sunday. The reason was to make a long week end, and encouraging people to travel on a long weekend, thus promoting tourism that has been slow after the riot and crisis.

This year, I think, they changed the rule a bit. Instead of shifting the holiday, the government declared that the day between is also a holiday. They called it 'cuti bersama'. 'Cuti' means paid leave and 'bersama' means together. Roughly it means that the day is a holiday, but it will be counted as a paid leave. (In Indonesia, we only got 12 days paid leave within one year, so that's really a bummer).

So let's see how many holidays and days off do we have in Indonesia in year 2006.
Religious and Ceremonial holiday (dd/mm):
1/1, 10/1, 29/1, 31/1, 30/03, 10/4, 14/4, 13/5, 25/5, 17/8, 21/8, 24/10, 25/10, 25/12, 31/12 = 15 days.
New 'cuti bersama' holiday :
31/3, 26/5, 18/7, 23/10, 26/10, 27/10 = 6 days
Saturdays and Sundays : 102 days
Total : 123 days.

Roughly, we, Indonesian are only working 2 out of 3 days. (123/365 days).

Personally I'm not an workalohic. I like holidays, and no complain of too many holidays IF I have a lots of money. (Yes, they say money can't buy happiness, but sadly but true, if you don't have money during holidays, you stay home and watch TV).

To make things worse, what the heck is the problem with the government of Indonesian? Don't they have much more important things to do such as fighting corruption in all line of government agencies? Improving social services? Fixing the whole law system : the police, district attorney, and the judge? Fixing the high cost economic? There're zillion more things to do, BUT THEY ARE BUSY IN DECIDING THE HOLIDAY DATE!!!!!

Indonesia is among the most corrupt country in the world. We are so corrupt that we are able to fix the survey not to put Indonesia on the top most corrupt country in the world.

Indonesia was once the big power among countries in south east asia, now is merely a big bum. Singapore is definitely more developed than Indonesia since forever. Malaysia is now one of the largest player in rubber and palm oil, and leave Indonesia in the dust. Thailand is a lot more advanced in their agrobusiness, and Indonesia is now importing fruits and rice from them. Vietnam is now the favourite place for foreign investment, while foreign investors left Indonesia because of the uncertain of law and high cost economic.

BUT WHAT THE HELL. WE MIGHT BE POOR AND CORRUPT, BUT WE CERTAINLY ARE LAZY. (WE = INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT who for sure don't care the difficulties that faced by Indonesian people.

Just a bit note, do you know who initiate this ministry law? This law is issued by Menkokesra (Menteri Koordinator Kesejahteraan Rakyat = Coordinating Minister of Social Wellfare). Who is the Minister? He is Aburizal Bakrie. He is one of the black conglomerate, who was incompetent in running his Bank (Bank Nusa) which resulting his bank is being liquidated by the govenment, and tax payer money had to pay for the settlement of his bank. But because of very good connection with the big and corrupt political party, Golkar, he got away, and with the help of his good friend, Jusuf Kalla (now the VP), he now become the ministry. Before the current minister position, he was the coordinating minister of economic.
He is well know for his remark when the hike of liquid gas price sparked a lot of protest. He said "If you can't afford the gas, then don't use the gas."


Friday, March 24, 2006

The perfect dollar bill.

Yesterday, I went to a local bank (Bank Central Asia) to make a USD deposit.

I already know that in Indonesia you better have a crisp perfect US dollar bill. No marks, no stapler holes, no ballpoint mark, no bent mark, not even a single dot. Else it will be valued less. Even worse, it might got rejected by banks, money exchangers, and stores.

What I found out yesterday :
1. If your bill is dated year 96, 99, and 01, you'll get charged Rp.20/$1.
2. If your bill serial number started with one of these letters : CA, CB, CD, CF, DB, and DH, banks might not recieve it.
3. Bank (at least BCA) only receive 100 $ bills. Smaller changes such as $1, $5, and $10, will be rejected.
4. You have to sign a letter stating that if in later date they don't like your dollar bill, they have every right to return it to you. (And they photocopied your ID). And they also write down every single serial number of the bill. And I have to pay Rp.6.000,- for a 'meterai' (a stamp that legitimate a letter).
5. The whole stupid simple deposit, wasted me 2 hours.

But all the bank personels are very helpful and courteus. :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

admins are from mars, users are from hell

I'm an System Administrator and I hate dealing with users. Some users are okay, when they give us a call for a real problem. But quite a lot of calls were about problems caused by the users that thought they are expert enough with their computer (aka smartass).

For instance :
A coleague of mine recieved a call from an user @ a branch store. This user thought that he was smart enough to, without any confirmation to us, came in the morning, and plugged an application dongle into the server. His action caused the server to crashed. Then he call to report the problem.
We were unable to guide him via the phone, because it sounded that he's a bit reluctant to do it himself and he was more expecting us to go there. Anyway, we had to go there to troubleshoot anyway. So we went down to the store, take a look at the server, open the Service and restart the Sentinel (dongle) service. And all set. Only took 5 minutes to do it, plus we had to waste 2 hours drive to the location. All this because of this user that think it's okay to just plug a dongle into a server.

Another occation :
Our office were relocating a department to another office. In this department, 99% of the user uses Mac, mostly the candy color iMac and eMac. We got a lot of call from them asking us to help them unplugging the computer. Yes, they called us to help them to unplug the keyboard, mouse, ethernet, and power cable. They might be afraid to broke something, as they might be a novice user, right? WRONG!!!
After the move, after we replugged all the cable, I saw some of them took the keys out of the keyboard to clean it. YES THEY KNOW HOW TO TOOK THE KEYS OFF THE KEYBOARD, BUT THEY ARE TOO SCARED TO UNPLUG THE USB, NETWORK, AND POWER CABLE!!!! Or maybe they just plain lazy...

In many occations, users will keep opening emails from strangers that contain attachment no matter how many times you told them not to. User will often forget to update their virus dat file. Are they novice, so they don't know these things even though we already go over this thousands of times? NO... BECAUSE THEY ARE SMART ENOUGH TO INSTALL BLUETOOTH DONGLE + BLUETOOTH APPLICATION TO SYNC WITH THEIR CELL PHONE!!!

They certainly are from hell.