Friday, July 26, 2013

Panasonic Indonesia. Great brand with not so great after sales service.

I decided to buy a Panasonic refrigerator for my Mom 4 years ago.  Last week this thing broke down.  It lost its cool.

So, even though I had an option to call any repairman, I decided to give Panasonic a call. They registered my case and told me that the technician will drop by the day after tomorrow.

The tech eventually dropped by two days later. Did a little checking and told me that their office will give me price quotation before they can proceed. And since its Friday afternoon, they promised the quotation on Monday.

Monday morning I called. The tech had not come to the office and registered my case yet.  Neither he did @ 10am.  Finally they called around noon.  I OKed the quotation. Then they promised to send repairman on THURSDAY.

Electronic things can and will break (although 4 years is a rather short for a fridge).  I understand this.
Repair will cost money and time. No problem for me either.

What I don't understand is why does I have to wait THE WHOLE 7 DAYS just to repair a fridge.