Tuesday, February 01, 2005

my Linux Software RAID was failing

Yesterday, I took a peek at the status of my Linux file server, and one of the disk in the RAID-5 volume was failed.

Being blank and pretty newbie in Linux, I absolutely had no idea on how to recover from such event. The volume still intact, but might not be if another disk fails.

I search google and found this link. The Software-RAID HOWTO: Reconstruction

All I need to do is just do the command :

raidhotadd /dev/mdX /dev/sdX

It successfully reconstructed the volume yesterday.

This morning, it failed again. I'm trying to reissue the same command again. If it fails again, maybe it's about time to change the harddisk.

(Well, anyway it's an old pentium III, with some used and old SCSI hard disk. 5 SCSI at only 17Gig each.)


Gothamimage said...

Interesting that I read a blog from Indonesia and I understand the excellent English, but because you are speaking about LINUX, I have no idea what that means.

idarmadi said...

Whisperingcampaign, thanks for visiting. :) LINUX is another Computer Operating System, like Macintosh's OSX or Microsoft's Windows XP.