Monday, December 11, 2006

In Memoriam : James Kim

I don't know James personally. Knew him only from the TechTV plus a few gadget reviews @ cnet.

Last November, after ThanksGiving, he along with his wife and 2 daughters got lost in the Oregon wilderness. After the 14 days ordeals, his wife and the daughters were saved, but unfortunately James didn't make it. He left to find some resque a couple of days before the resque team found the wife and daughter. He died of hypothermia.

I spent a couple of years in Oregon. The scenic is just beautiful. It is so sad that it can also kills.

Click here for the story @ SFGate.

This is a detail map of their journey. If he can survive another 2 miles down the creek, he would have found a lodge where they can shelter for sometime.

Here's a link to GoogleEarth based projection.

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