Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Indonesia Internet Cencorship (continue)

Following the Ministry Instruction (the last post), YouTube had been blocked nationwide by local ISPs.

JakartaPost has the news : link

Reporter without borders : link

Several other big sites are also reported being blocked : (by telkom speedy)

Ministry of Communication and Information yesterday had a discussion with IT and blogger community, but resulted nothing. No surprise, since the government is not really into public aspirations.


yendoel said...

kalo di china sini juga banyak yg diblok. blogspot, multiply, pada gak bisa dibuka. gua mesti pakai software lain buat buka site2 ini.

yendoel said...

oh ya, wikipedia jg gak bisa buka

idarmadi said...

yen, coba ajah pake free proxy. misalnya


mPitzky said...

speaking about blok2an...

kalo yg di blog sayah si emang sengaja, bro. ceritanya self-censorship. at least kalo mo baca udah bisa pipis lempeng. males ditunjuk2 sundal ama anak2 kecil.