Friday, March 24, 2006

The perfect dollar bill.

Yesterday, I went to a local bank (Bank Central Asia) to make a USD deposit.

I already know that in Indonesia you better have a crisp perfect US dollar bill. No marks, no stapler holes, no ballpoint mark, no bent mark, not even a single dot. Else it will be valued less. Even worse, it might got rejected by banks, money exchangers, and stores.

What I found out yesterday :
1. If your bill is dated year 96, 99, and 01, you'll get charged Rp.20/$1.
2. If your bill serial number started with one of these letters : CA, CB, CD, CF, DB, and DH, banks might not recieve it.
3. Bank (at least BCA) only receive 100 $ bills. Smaller changes such as $1, $5, and $10, will be rejected.
4. You have to sign a letter stating that if in later date they don't like your dollar bill, they have every right to return it to you. (And they photocopied your ID). And they also write down every single serial number of the bill. And I have to pay Rp.6.000,- for a 'meterai' (a stamp that legitimate a letter).
5. The whole stupid simple deposit, wasted me 2 hours.

But all the bank personels are very helpful and courteus. :)

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