Wednesday, March 15, 2006

admins are from mars, users are from hell

I'm an System Administrator and I hate dealing with users. Some users are okay, when they give us a call for a real problem. But quite a lot of calls were about problems caused by the users that thought they are expert enough with their computer (aka smartass).

For instance :
A coleague of mine recieved a call from an user @ a branch store. This user thought that he was smart enough to, without any confirmation to us, came in the morning, and plugged an application dongle into the server. His action caused the server to crashed. Then he call to report the problem.
We were unable to guide him via the phone, because it sounded that he's a bit reluctant to do it himself and he was more expecting us to go there. Anyway, we had to go there to troubleshoot anyway. So we went down to the store, take a look at the server, open the Service and restart the Sentinel (dongle) service. And all set. Only took 5 minutes to do it, plus we had to waste 2 hours drive to the location. All this because of this user that think it's okay to just plug a dongle into a server.

Another occation :
Our office were relocating a department to another office. In this department, 99% of the user uses Mac, mostly the candy color iMac and eMac. We got a lot of call from them asking us to help them unplugging the computer. Yes, they called us to help them to unplug the keyboard, mouse, ethernet, and power cable. They might be afraid to broke something, as they might be a novice user, right? WRONG!!!
After the move, after we replugged all the cable, I saw some of them took the keys out of the keyboard to clean it. YES THEY KNOW HOW TO TOOK THE KEYS OFF THE KEYBOARD, BUT THEY ARE TOO SCARED TO UNPLUG THE USB, NETWORK, AND POWER CABLE!!!! Or maybe they just plain lazy...

In many occations, users will keep opening emails from strangers that contain attachment no matter how many times you told them not to. User will often forget to update their virus dat file. Are they novice, so they don't know these things even though we already go over this thousands of times? NO... BECAUSE THEY ARE SMART ENOUGH TO INSTALL BLUETOOTH DONGLE + BLUETOOTH APPLICATION TO SYNC WITH THEIR CELL PHONE!!!

They certainly are from hell.

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