Friday, May 12, 2006

Blast from the past

3 days ago I received a 'hi' email from a long lost good friend. "A Good friend". :)

It's true that time will heals all wounds. It was so painfull at the last good bye. Sorrow and betrayed.

6 years passed by.

She lives happily with her husband and a 4.5 yo son now.

Her sister was married and has a 1.5yo kid.

Her parents, good old folks, moved to SF. Good for them to less worried of their two daughters and enjoy the retirement.

She owns a furniture shop in Manila, and plans to open an asian cafe with her sis in SF.

I'm married to my wonderful wife and got two babies (1 and 2 yo).

Looking back, sometimes I wonder of how stupid of me trying to fight for a lost cause. But if I didn't I will never know, and my path would be different.

Time will heals all wounds... and it did. :)

Nice to see you again my friend. :)

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