Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Evaluating 2 OSX blogging client

Usually I blog directy via It's quite suite what I needed. A few days ago, someone told me to try blogging using a client.

I checked out for any freeware blogging client that support (I'm poor, so I can only afford any freeware. :) Also I live in Indonesia which is very difficult to do online payment, thanks to those carders).

So I downloaded 2 freewares : iBlog (the freeware one, not the shareware one with the same name), and WeblogPoster.

iBlog was a bit confusing for me, and I was too lazy to play around with it. Then I tried WeblogPoster. This program come with a better documentation, especially on how to do setup for

So this is my posting using Weblogposter.

update :
When posting using Weblogposter, aparently the 'title' didn't get posted. I don't know whether this is a bug, or my fault.


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