Friday, April 15, 2005


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Spammers now a days are getting smarter and smarter. Started from a plain text emails, which is basically very easy to be detected by spam blocker, then they moved to an image (gif or jpg) that contains text.

A few days ago, I received this spam email that contain only random ascii characters. The real msg is 'hidden'. These random characters, if you set the font to monospace type, will form the msg. Very nice. :)

Spam blocker can't recognize this email as a spam. It's not yet as smart to figure what's the msg behind this random ascii character. It's good for spammers to get the msg into someone mailbox without being detected.

However, the "downside" (for the spammers, not me), is that the reciepient of the email will not be able to recognize the msg right away. Most of the email client program will not display the msg in monospace font (such as Courier). Most of them will display it in either Arial or Times, which will just shows a series of non-sense characters.

Spammers, one thumb up for you for this trick, and "go to hell" for you for keep spamming.

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