Monday, June 12, 2006

Playboy Indonesia, Second Edition : Magazine with no ads.

After vacumm for 1 month, Playboy Indonesia (PI) rolled out the second edition of its magazine in Indonesia in June 2006.

The first edition which came out in April 2006, drawed much protest, mainly from the close minded self-claimed religious extreme groups. As the result of the protests :
- The office building where Playboy Indonesia resided, got ransacked by Front Pembela Islam (Islam Defender Front).
- After the raid, PI moved to another office, still in Jakarta. Due to an uncondusive safety (Jakarta Police Department, shame on you....), PI suddenly just dissapeared. Aparently the staff worked from home, while the main office relocated to Bali.

Playboy Indonesia, accused of being pornographic, actually contained no nude picture whatsoever. I was thinking of joining the next FPI demonstration to PI office. Hey, maybe those dudes from FPI were angry because they felt decieved when they expected fully nude babes only to find out babes in sexy cloths. They maybe wanted to demand their money back!! :)

Playboy Indonesia might be one of its kind. Maybe the first Playboy that contain no nudity. Maybe the first Playboy that published in the world most moslem populated country in the world. One thing for sure, there are 10+ man entertainment magazines in Jakarta prior Playboy Indonesia (plus dozens of yellow news papers), and they are more 'vulgar', yet only Playboy drew a lot of protest because and only because its name, PLAYBOY.

The second edition of Playboy Indonesia came out last week. In one talk show, the chief editor told the audience that they had asked the distribution agents to closely monitor the distribution. Playboy is suppose to be sold only instore, and never meant to be sold in the traffic light. (a few days ago, I saw the newspaper boy was offering PI @ traffic light.)

Content are still the same. No nudity. :(
A good interview with Tibo (the might be wrongly accused death-sentenced terrorist). One or two playboy cartoons. Raw data. Playboy Advisor (which I think are fake, since the letters and answers seems like a stiff translation rather than a real letter written by a real Indonesian.

What's interesting with this edition, is that it might be the only commercial magazine that contain no advertising at all. (well, there's a mini 3cm by 3cm picture of a man perfume sponsoring a forum.). In space of the advertisings, Playboy has writen 'This place is dedicated to our client that was threatened when they advertise with us. This place is reserved for (a cigarette ads)".

So guys, run to your nearest magazine stalls, and buy this magazine, not because the sexy babes (if you're looking for that, get another magazine... they offer more skins for your Rupiah), but because of its uniqueness. It can be the reminder for all of us, that tolerance and so called democracy in Indonesia is still a one point of view system. When some ppl disagree with others point of view, they will resort to violance at the first step.


tikabanget said...

Ada-ada saja Endonesa nih...
Yang playboy diributin, yang laen gak diributin..
*geleng geleng sambil nyeruput kopi..*

Anonymous said...

Kemana ya itu FPI pas video porno bpk DPR beredar? Koq gak protes ke yth bpk DPR itu untuk aksi mesumnya?